Calls for Reforms in USSF are Formalized

United States – December 13, 2016 – After the rumored collapse of perennial D2 powerhouse NY Cosmos and their league, the NASL, and an increasing outcry against possible corruption and perceived mismanagement at the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) a group of American soccer fans have rallied together to formalize their grievances with the United States Soccer Federation.

The longform document of concerns with USSF’s governance discusses important topics such as USWNT pay inequality and issues with the closed system in the American soccer structure.

The petition’s first Article uses a largely growing concern as its jumping off point: Transparency.

Article I calls for an independent evaluation of the nature of USSF’s relationship with the first division, MLS, and their marketing wing, Soccer United Marketing. This comes in the wake of the FBI exposition of a deep ring of corruption in FIFA which many feel may have been connected to the US more than has been revealed.

The hope is that this petition will embody the concern and confusion held towards the federation so that American soccer fans can begin to organize and have their voice heard in a system in which they feel severely underrepresented.

To view the Document and a link to the Petition, please click here for more details.


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